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Melbourne Stem Cell Centre

Melbourne Stem Cell Centre, located in Box Hill, Melbourne is committed to the ethical development and research into conservative treatments for osteoarthritis. MSCC follows the National Health and Medical Research Councils guidelines for  therapeutic treatments. Working closely with partners Magellan Stem Cells, MSCC is seen as an industry leader in the area of stem cell research for the treatment of knee, hip and other joint osteoarthritis with stem cell injection therapy. MSCC is a founding member of the Australian Consortium of Autologous Cell Users and abides by its industry code of ethics.

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Osteoarthritis, particularly knee and hip osteoarthritis, is a major cause of disability and chronic pain in Australia. Melbourne Stem Cell centre‚Äôs range of  treatment options has been proven to be effective in reducing the pain and disability of joint osteoarthritis..

Clinical Trials

Melbourne Stem Cell Centre is conducting a number of human research ethics committee approved trials to assess the effectiveness via stem cell injection in reducing the progression of and possible reversal of the effects of knee, hip and other joint osteoarthritis

Treatment options

Melbourne Stem Cell Centre is currently undertaking research and treatment using biological therapies. Stem Cell therapies have been proven to reduce pain and improve mobility in hip, knee and other joint osteoarthritis. 

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Repair your body, enhance your life


Melbourne Stem Cell Centre brings together a team of clinicians and researchers dedicated to the development of cell based regenerative therapies. Each individual brings unique experience and expertise, and combined these professionals create an environment of unparalleled clinical excellence.


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