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Joint Pain

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Media report successes in MSCC trial

In February, Melbourne Stem Cell Centre published preliminary data from our joint-pain medical trial. The Herald Sun was first among a range of media outlets to pick up on the story. The newspaper published a headline that read “Miracle Joint Fix”

The Herald Sun stated that: 

Stem cells are being used to regrow damaged knee cartilage in world-first Melbourne trials it is hoped will make many joint replacements and other surgery unnecessary. Doctors have halted damage caused by degenerative conditions, and even reversed it, in one of the first studies to use stem cells to rebuild cartilage in humans. In initial results, half of those treated at Melbourne Stem Cell Centre saw a three-quarters reduction in pain and vastly improved knee function. Two separate trials involving 70 patients have now shown stunning results. Chief clinical investigator Dr Julien Freitag said the focus was on preventing, or at least delaying, the need for knee, hip and other joint replacements. 

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Channel 10 

"Stem cells used to regrow damaged knee cartilage in world first"