Mid Year Newsletter

For the first half of this year it has been all systems go with the doctors, staff and directors working hard to keep up with the big changes occurring in this cutting edge industry.

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Clinical Studies updates.....

We are currently doing the latest data collection of our arthroscopic knee surgery in combination with stem cells study, which has been running now for about 2.5 years.  Associate professor Dr Julien Freitag is currently re-assessing our trial participants this month, with some being 2 years post therapy. The preliminary data looks encouraging and we will keep you up to date with how this exciting publication is progressing. 

Dr Freitag and the team are also reviewing the results from the Randomised Control Trial we commenced some three years ago with patients with osteoarthritis of the knee. The preliminary results demonstrate clear statistical improvement in pain and functional mobility and activity, with some of the trial participants showing evidence of cartilage regrowth. We hope to submit this study for publication in the coming months.


Dr Dan Bates is back!!

We are so excited to welcome back one of the founding members of our team. Dan has been on sabbatical from MSCC while he has been working on his specialty of dealing with complex back pain and sports related injuries.  Dan will be consulting with us on a Monday morning, every second week and is available for appointments. To learn more about Dan’s philosophy please click here

Melbourne stem cell centre has been working closely with the therapeutic goods administration around the proposed new regulation of the stem cell industry. You may notice a few changes around the clinic as we strive to continue to be at the forefront of stem cell research in Australia. To view our submission to the TGA please click here

We are about to commence a phase one and two trial using allogeneic (donor provided) stem cells, with patient recruitment near to completion. We are excited about this significant trial into the safety and efficacy of selected donors cells (allogeneic cells). We hope to replicate the results that we have demonstrated with autologous cells. We expect this trial to take around 12 months to complete.


Dr David Vivian

We are very lucky to welcome a new doctor to the team! Dr David Vivian will be working at Melbourne Stem Cell Centre focusing on the conservative management of osteoarthritis with a special interest in backs, necks and knees. David will commence work with us over the coming months with 1 session a fortnight, and increasing if required. He will work closely with our team of clinicians and proceduralists to assure the best outcome for patients.

We said goodbye to our nurse/receptionist Phoebe in March. We wish her all the best of luck with her new nursing job after recently completing her enrolled nurse qualification.


Patient Expectations

Our senior nurse, Lucinda is soon to submit her Bachelor of Nursing Honours thesis for assessment.  Her study on patient expectations and experience of stem cell treatment consisting of a pre-treatment group and a post treatment group, is a landmark study and the first of its kind in the published literature. We are very proud of her achievement.

We will be welcoming Renee back from maternity leave in July, she will be working two days a week focusing on administration, staff development and clinical roles. She is really looking forward to returning and seeing how much the clinic has grown in the time she has been away.

Christmas Newsletter

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All the staff at Melbourne Stem Cell Centre would like to wish our patients, referrers, partners and their extended families a Happy Christmas and a safe and prosperous 2018.

The team at Melbourne Stem Cell Centre have worked tirelessly this year to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of stem cell research. In mid September we had a case report published in the British Medical Journal of Case Reports regarding one of our young patients who, after a traumatic injury, has had regeneration of cartilage. In late October Associate Professor Freitag was interviewed regarding his recent publication in the British Medical Journal of Case Reports.

MSCC has been consulting with the Therapeutic Goods Administration regarding safeguards when using stem cells for therapeutic purposes. We support tightening of the regulation in this area to promote scientific research in this area and encourage all treatments to be done in a safe and ethical manner. If you would like to read more on our view on the safe use of stem cells please click here 

In September our Practice Manager, Renee, commenced maternity leave and in early October welcomed her daughter, Logan, into the world. We look forward to Renee returning to MSCC in mid-2018. Lesley-Ann is currently holding the fort whist Renee is away on leave. 

We have a new nurse/receptionist, Phoebe, to welcome to the team at Melbourne Stem Cell Centre. Phoebe comes from a background in aged care, and graduated her enrolled nursing course this year. She looks forward to developing her nursing career with us in 2018.  


Next year, in conjunction with Magellan Stem Cells, we will commence a study on treatment using allogeneic stem cells. This is still in its infancy but if you would like to stay up to date on this or any other further studies we hope to conduct, please click here to be added to our ongoing research database.

Our General Manager headed over to the USA to attend an International Sports Medicine Conference at which Regenerative Medicine was a major focus. At MSCC we like to stay up to date on all the latest research in the area of regenerative medicine.


We also welcomed a new doctor to our team, Dr Abi Tenen. Dr Tenen has come on board as a procedualist  to complete our lipoharvest procedures and will be working closely with Associate Professor Freitag and his patients. Welcome Dr Tenen.

Two of our doctors also do stem cell consults at other clinics in the South Eastern suburbs. If you have back pain and would like to consider stem cell treatment, please contact the clinic and we will get you an appointment with our back specialist, Dr Dan Bates who is consulting out of Metropain Group in Clayton.

If you are located on the Peninsula or would like to consult with a female doctor please contact the clinic and we will arrange an appointment with our senior sports medicine physician, Dr Leesa Huguenin, in Box Hill or one of her other practices in Berwick, Frankston or Mornington

 We will be closing over the Christmas period from Friday 22nd December to Sunday 7th January inclusive. 

We will be closing over the Christmas period from Friday 22nd December to Sunday 7th January inclusive. 

Associate Professor Freitag’s last day is Wednesday 20th Dec and first day back is Monday 8th Jan. Dr Huguenin is away from the clinic from 15th November and returns Wednesday 7th Feb, but she is still contactable at her clinics in Mornington.

From the team at Melbourne Stem Cell Centre have a safe and merry Christmas.

British Medical Journal Case Report Features Melbourne Stem Cell Centre Patient

MSCC Knee MRI 2.png
MSCC Knee MRI.png

The British Medical Journal has published a case report on a Melbourne karate champion who damaged the cartilage in her knee and found she was unable to stand up or sit down "like a normal person". The full British Medical Journal report on her progress can be read here. 

Regenerative Medicine Now And In The Future – Part Two


Written by Mr Michael Kenihan. 


I recently attended the American College of Sports medicine meeting in Denver Colorado.

Eminent scientist, Thomas Best also spoke about the emerging research in stem cell therapy.

He spoke in detail about where the world of stem cell research is at in the current literature and the role that stem cells will play in regenerative medicine. To summarise he detailed stem cells the good, the bad and the ugly:

The good: there is strong evidence that stem cell treatment is entirely safe to use and growing evidence that stem cells have a disease modifying effect on osteoarthritis.


The bad: there is only poor quality studies in the literature.

MSCC and Magellan Stem Cells  are hoping to add to that body of evidence when we commence our Allogeneic trial in the near future.  That is in addition to the more recent trial we have conducted and the preliminary results that detail the efficacy of stem cells in reducing pain and improving function along with, in some cases, regeneration of what appears to be type one cartilage.
The ugly: the advent of unscrupulous operators who are promoting “stem cell tourism” are causing headaches for regulators and in some instances severe adverse consequences for the un-suspecting and desperate public.

I want to advise you that MSCC and Magellan Stem Cells are working at the forefront of the emerging stem cell industry and will continue to support everything we do with evidence based treatments.  In 2016 Melbourne Stem Cell Centre became concerned around the need for stem cell treatments to be based on good science. If you would like to read more about this please click here

For more information about this treatment please contact the clinic at info@mscc.com.au. To stay up to date on all of our current research please subscribe to our joint pain or back pain database.


Does Stem Cell Therapy Really Work for Knee Osteoarthritis?

To discover more about our research and findings about stem-cell therapy, with regard to knee osteoarthritis, please feel free to contact us on (03) 9270 8000 or info@mscc.com.au.