MSCC – Stem Cell Leader

Melbourne Stem Cell Centre recognizes that in the area of stem cells, practicing good medicine means that you need to be practicing the best science.  This philosophy has been the central drive that has seen us collaborate with Monash University’s Professor Richard Boyd and Magellan Stem Cells. 

MSCC aims to achieve and maintain the highest scientific and medical standards.  This is not only observed in our clinic and laboratory facilities but importantly is a fundamental philosophy in how we practice.  

Whilst stem cell therapies are a developing treatment there is much that is already known and has been effectively studied and proven within international clinical trials.  MSCC has modeled its therapies on stem cell protocols with proven levels of effectiveness.

What we do know about mesenchymal stem cells is that in the treatment of osteoarthritis - when using pure high dose intra-joint injections either alone or in combination with surgical intervention – stem cells have the potential to modify progression of the arthritis and also to stimulate normal like cartilage growth.  

At MSCC we are committed to using proven techniques, so we invested heavily in our onsite laboratory so we can utilise pure high dose stem cell populations when treating patients in our clinical studies. 

In keeping with our commitment to practicing best science, and hence best medicine, we verify that the cells used in our therapies are stem cells prior to injection.  We also determine both cell number and viability of the cells prior to injection. 

Whilst using techniques with prior evidence of effectiveness Melbourne Stem Cell Centre is also dedicated to adding to the growth of international knowledge in the area of stem cell therapy.  We are actively involved and support ongoing research and every patient treated within MSCC is strictly followed up to assess outcome. 

Through the translation of best science to best medical practice Melbourne Stem Centre intends to remain a driving leader in the area of clinical stem cell development.