Stem Cell Trial Aims To Treat Back Pain

Melbourne Stem Cell Centre is seeking people suffering with chronic back pain to take part in a trial to discover whether stem cell treatment can relieve back pain or, perhaps, cure their affliction.

Back pain affects 80% of people at some stage in their lives. Every treatment imaginable from “the rack” to massage, surgery or even hot stones has been tried to help find relief but many people continue to be afflicted by chronic pain. The Melbourne Stem Cell trial seeks to help those with a particular low back pain problem called “internal disc disruption”. Until now treatments for internal disc disruption a debilitating and painful condition have yielded minimal success. Some patients progress to significant interventional treatment such as implanted nerve stimulators. Such treatments have shown good results but the expense and significance of such an invasive intervention means that such treatments are rarely adopted. Melbourne Stem Cell Centre, in conjunction with Metro pain group, will trial a low dose stem cell treatment. The stem cells will be harvested from the patient’s own tissue will be injected directly in to the damaged disc. If successful, this may become a very significant treatment for damaged discs. Melbourne Stem Cell Doctors doctors are optimistic that the trial will show positive results. The results of both the case series and the trial will be published in a peer reviewed medical journal both in Australia and overseas.