Melbourne Stem Cell Centre Mid Year Update

What an exciting 6 months it has been at Melbourne Stem Cell Centre!

We have partnered with a new University, Charles Sturt University to expand our current patient funded case series to include more joints, not just knees. If you are interested in more information about this please click here 

Dr Julien Freitag is now an Associate Professor with Charles Sturt University and has attended the Wagga Wagga Campus to do a series of lectures on Stem Cells and the use in the osteoarthritis setting. Well done Julien on becoming an Associate Professor.

Melbourne Stem Cell Centre is working in partnership with Metro Pain Group in looking at the use of stem cells in the setting of discogenic lower back pain. To stay informed about this exciting research please subscribe to our back pain database by clicking here

Dr Leesa Huguenin has opened up some consulting time at her practices in the south east suburbs for patients interested in an appointment for their knee osteoarthritis. If you would like to see her at her Berwick, Frankston or Mornington rooms please contact us here at Melbourne stem cell centre and we will organise you a priority appointment.

We have expanded our nursing team to include 2 new nurses! Welcome, Lesley Ann and Lucinda. Lesley Ann comes with experience in mixed surgical and orthopedic day surgery and is excited about joining our team in a leadership capacity.

Lucinda is currently completing her honors in nursing and Melbourne Stem Cell Centre will be working with her, and Deakin University to complete her research thesis! Lucinda is very passionate about gathering further research data for the clinic.

We are in the final phases of our Randomised Control Trial which ceased recruitment last year and the investigators are starting to analyse the results and we are hoping to have the full results at the end of this year. To stay up to date with this research please click here to join our joint pain database