Regenerative Medicine Now And In The Future – Part One

I recently attended the American College of Sports medicine meeting in Denver Colorado.

Written By Mr Michael Kenihan

During that meeting I attended a lecture titled:

 “Sports and Regenerative Medicine: What’s all the hype about”. The lecture was delivered by an eminent scientist, Thomas Best a Fellow of the ACSM.

He spoke of protein rich plasma and the mounting evidence that PRP is a very useful treatment to decrease pain and improve function in Osteoarthritic joints and may be effective in chronic tendon pathology. We know this anecdotally but the research evidence has lagged empirical observations

One of our doctors at Melbourne Stem Cell Centre, Dr Julien Freitag has published a few papers on Platelet Rich Plasma.  The papers cover a range of topics, including PRP used in the osteoarthritis setting for symptomatic pain relief. For more information on this study please click here

 At Melbourne Stem Cell Centre we use Platelet Rich plasma for the symptomatic relief of osteoarthritis. Studies have shown significant reduction in osteoarthritic knee pain within 5 weeks post injection and continued improvement in symptoms for up to 1+ years. For more information about this treatment please contact the clinic by clicking here. To stay up to date on all of our current research please subscribe to our joint pain or back pain database