Regenerative Medicine Now And In The Future – Part Two


Written by Mr Michael Kenihan. 


I recently attended the American College of Sports medicine meeting in Denver Colorado.

Eminent scientist, Thomas Best also spoke about the emerging stem cell research.

He spoke in detail about where the world of stem cell research is at in the current literature and the role that stem cells will play in regenerative medicine. To summarise he detailed stem cells the good, the bad and the ugly:

The good: “there is growing evidence that stem cells may have a disease modifying effect on osteoarthritis”.


The bad: “there is only poor quality studies in the literature”.

Melbourne Stem Cell Centre and Magellan Stem Cells  are hoping to add to that body of evidence when we commence our Allogeneic trial in the near future.  
The ugly: the advent of unscrupulous operators who are promoting “stem cell tourism” are causing headaches for regulators and in some instances severe adverse consequences for the un-suspecting and desperate public.

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