Asian Football Confederation Meeting

The Melbourne Stem Cell Centre General Manager and Donor Study supervisor, Mr Michael Kenihan, attended the Asian Football Confederation meeting in Chengdu China in March 2019.

This meeting is attended by all of the member federations in the Asian region which spreads from the middle east to the far east and include the worlds most populous nations, (China, India, Indonesia etc)

He was invited to present about stem cells and presented “Stem Cells the next frontier”. His presentation covered our most recently published trial “Adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cell therapy in the treatment pf knee osteoarthritis: a randomised controlled trial”. This study was published in the journal “Regenerative medicine”. For those who do not know this ground breaking stem cell trial has demonstrated that stem cell therapy for osteoarthritis in knees is statistically more effective than control groups. The study also highlighted that stem cells treatment is disease modifying, as those who received the treatment one year later showed that there was no progression of the osteoarthritis. We will soon have two year outcome data and expect the improvement to be maintained.

This study is important in many ways and validates what we have observed now over many patient treatment in the last three years. Validating the benefits of stem cells therapy is part of our mission at MSCC and Magellan stem cells. We knew empirically that stem cells treatment worked but now can be very excited about our future research.

We have just completed our donor cell trial treatments and look forward to the results of the safety of donor cells in May 2019 and primary efficacy results in Oct 2019. Exciting times ahead!!!

At the conference there were other stem cells papers and he found that we are well ahead of many other groups particularly now that we exploring donor stem cell treatments.

It was also gratifying to have our received so enthusiastically at an international forum.

We will update you again soon about the successes we demonstrate with our research.