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MSCC is committed to improving the pain and function of those suffering from the debilitating disease, osteoarthritis. To do this we are committed to being involved in clinical studies that allows our patients to be involved in research that may increase the quality of life of people living with osteoarthritis. The goal of our research is to be able to treat not just the symptoms of osteoarthritis but to repair damaged osteoarthritic joints.


Our Treatment Options


At MSCC we utilise a range of treatment options best suited to the individual. We start this process by conducting an initial assessment:

Initial consultation: 30-45 mins

This osteoarthritis assessment includes a comprehensive biomechanical and skeletal assessment as well as relevant investigations eg: blood tests, imaging and an assessment of your medical history. We ask that you bring a referral from your GP or Specialist to allow us to work with them to achieve the best medical outcome. It is important to bring any relevant previous history including list of medications and supplements currently used, x-rays, MRI’s or other imaging and any recent blood tests you have had.

Reviews: 15-30 minutes

We regularly review our patients and correspond with their medical care teams to ensure that the best outcome is achieved. For interstate and international patients we have the option of telephone and email reviews. We also use imaging, bloods tests and online medical outcome scores to assess the effectiveness of the chosen treatment.

After a full assessment has been completed your treating physician will work with you to formulate a personalised treatment plan. You will be given an extensive information pack to assist you in making an informed decision about your osteoarthritis treatment. For more information we encourage you to contact the clinic on 03 9270 8000 or

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